Pick Up Your Pen: The Art of Handwriting by Monica Dengo

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Pick Up Your Pen: The Art of Handwriting by Monica Dengo

Stars: ★★★☆☆

Owlkids Books (2012)
Ages 6 to 9
112 pages

Cursive writing is not taught as much anymore, especially in Canada. Two provinces have already eliminated it from their curriculum.

Even for places where cursive writing has not been eliminated, children are spending more and more time online and less time writing. Monica Dengo wants to help with that so she made this book to kids can practice their handwriting.

She uses modern italic script (rather than traditional cursive) which is easier and more recognizable. In fact many countries teach this instead of what we consider cursive.


The book has tons of space for practicing letters or even doodling fancy letters however you want. The book comes with a chart you can hang on the wall if you want fancy letters.


If you or your child wants to learn handwriting that is a little more fancy than simple printing but isn’t complex, this is what you are looking for.

I would have preferred the traditional cursive only because that’s what my daughters want to learn but this is an easy way to be able to sign your name without worrying about those tricky capital letters that don’t even look like the letter they are.

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