Review Copy Cleanup Feb 2013

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I haven’t joined reading challenges in a long time and I don’t plan to get all crazy with them but I DO have review books to catch up on, so why not connect with other bloggers while I do so with the Review Copy Cleanup?

This is my official sign up post as well as week 1 check-in since I already missed a week. I won’t list all the books I need to read because there are so many and I’m not sure what I’ll read in what order.

For now I’m finishing the books I’m already reading for the Wicked Valentine’s Readathon:

  1. Viral Video Manifesto
  2. Social Media Metrics for Dummies

I also have books I’ve finished but just need to review. Need to get those up ASAP.

I am also transferring to WordPress this weekend or next week so if you stop by again and it looks weird, that’s why.

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