(CLOSED) GIVEAWAY: Fit Moms for Life by Dustin Maher

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I just did a Fit Moms for Life Review and now I’m able to giveaway one copy to a resident of US/CAN!
From My Review:

Summary: Dustin Maher, America’s Trainer to Moms has a goal to reach 1 million moms by the end of 2015. His book Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids is only one part of that goal.  According to Dustin: “My message to moms is simple: Putting yourself first is the least selfish thing you can do. My question is: Who is taking care of YOU?”

Overall I think it’s the best book on fitness I’ve read (although as I’ve said, I’ve not read that many) and I plan to use it to help me start being more healthy. First things first, I need to do my before stats and goal setting.


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