Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stay-at-Home Moms

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Subtitle: 101 Inspirational Stories for Mothers about Hard Work and Happy Families by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Wendy Walker.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Stay-at-Home Moms Book CoverStars: ★★★☆☆

Summary: A remake of CSS: Power Moms with a new cover and title. Stories about making the decision to stay home, learning to multi-task, creating at-home jobs and businesses, grateful husbands and children, finding joy and self-esteem everyday and the power of friendship and sharing. (from back of book)

I remember hearing about this book when the first version came out and it was called Power Moms. I’d heard that a few bloggers were in it and I wanted to read it. I never had a chance until just recently and although there are some great stories in the book and it was nice of each person to share their story, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

Most of the stories had to do with leaving a job to stay at home or working from home and/or starting a business from home. To me there should have been more stories about being a SAHM that didn’t necessarily touch on leaving work. What about people like me who never left a job to be a SAHM but just always was. Most of the stories start off with the person deciding whether to leave their much loved job or being overwhelmed at the beginning and wondering if they made the right choice.

For me there was no question I would be a SAHM. I never really had a job before being a mom and even if I had there would have been no question. I am not discounting the experiences of others, I just think the stories should have been balanced more. I would have liked more stories by those who either have always been a SAHM like me or who didn’t talk about the work they did before at all, but just focused on why it’s great to be a SAHM.

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