Red is Best by Kathy Stinson (Board Book) (New Year New Reads Sponsor)

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Stars: *****

Annick Press
Ages 2-4

Red is Best is a old favourite, originally published in 1982 and reprinted by Annick Press in 2006. Red is Best is now available as a lap size board book, perfect to share with your little one.

If you aren’t familiar with Red is Best, it’s a delightful story of a young girl (toddler age) who has decided that red is the best colour, no matter what. As anyone who has or has had a toddler knows, toddlers have definite opinions about things and this little girl is no different. There is no reasoning with a toddler who has made a decision about something.

No matter how much her mom tries to encourage her to use something that is not read (for different reasons), the girl is adamant that she must use red because Red Is Best

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