The Complete Licence to Grill by Chris Knight

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Complete Licence to Grill

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Summary: By the star of the Licence to Grill show on Food Network Canada is this cookbook. Recipes and grilling tips and techniques.

Okay so I know December isn’t really the prime grilling time but I had the pleasure of getting this book in the summer so I was able to try out a recipe or two. I would have tried out more but we don’t really have much of a grill. If I had a great grill like the one shown on the cover of the book, we’d grill year round.

The book is full of information: picking the perfect grill, charcoal vs. gas, grill maintenance, grilling tools, grilling history and about smoke.

The recipes are in 8 sections: vegetables, beef, pork, lamb and game, seafood, poultry, desserts and sauces, marinades and relishes.

I’d like to share a recipe I made below but first a few notes. I used dried tarragon instead of fresh and made way less as I was only feeding 3. They were pretty good although they weren’t as strong as I’d hoped.

Grilled Honey-Tarragon Carrots
Reprinted by permission from The Complete License to Grill by Chris Knight. (Toronto: McArthur & Company Publishing, 2009). Page 77.
Tarragon is an underused herb with sort of a lemony-licorice kick to it. It goes so well with honey, which goes so well with carrots. Don’t use the big honkin’ telephone pole carrots, instead go for ones about as thick as your thumb. This side goes nicely with chicken, pork tenderloin or some grilled fish.
14 fresh carrots
3 tbsp sesame oil (45ml)
3 tbsp honey (45ml)
3 tsp chopped ginger (45ml)
4 tarragon sprigs, torn
3 tbsp vegetable oil (45ml)
Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cut the leafy tops off the carrots leaving only half an inch at the root.
  • Wash and peel the carrots and cut them in half lengthwise.
  • Put them into a sealable plastic bag and drizzle with sesame oil, honey, ginger and tarragon.
  • Toss to coat and marinate at room temperature for about 30 minutes.
  • Preheat the barbecue to medium heat.
  • Oil the grill. Place carrots flat-side down over direct heat and cook for 3 minutes or so depending on how thick the carrots are.
  • Flip and continue grilling for a minute or two
  • Remove from the heat and serve warm.

Serves 7

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