Halloween Readathon Update (Books and Mini-Challenges)

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PhotobucketI’m actually just getting started with the readathon. I was busy all day and have somewhere to go tomorrow too actually. I’ll do as much as I can.

The Halloween Read-a-thon is being hosted by Young Adult Books Reviewed.

Here are the books I will pick from: (from old to new)

Witchery Hill by Welwyn Wilton Katz (Children’s Fiction 1984)
Tales of the Wicked Witch by Hanna Kraan (Children’s Fiction 1995)
Ghostly Encounters: True Stories of America’s Haunted Inns and Hotels by Frances Kermeen (Adult NF 2002)
The 13 Best Horror Stories of All Time ed by Leslie Puckell (Adult F 2002)
The Myrtles Plantation by Frances Kermeen (Adult NF 2005)
When the Sun Goes Down: Planning the Funeral of Your Life by Betty Breuhaus (Adult NF 2008)
Ruined: A Novel by Paula Morris (Teen F 2009)

For the mini-challenge at YA Addict, I have to share my spookiest read. As my frequent blog readers know, I don’t read much fiction but Black Creek Crossing by John Saul was pretty spooky. However I don’t read many spooky books so it may not be spooky to all.  I rated it number four on my top 10 books read that year.

For the mini-challenge at Oh My Books!, we are asked about our Halloween costume. I am dressing up as I and a Girl Guide leader and we have a party. I’m torn between a few possibilities: (from Homemade Halloween Costumes)

Soda pop can: Use a round barrel, cut a hole in the bottom.  You cut holes for  arms and your head.  Paint it the colors of a pop can.  Presto!  You have a pop can!!!  – from Ann

Static Cling
Wear anything a solid color is good all white or all black.  With safety 
pins pin anything to yourself i:e: socks, underwear, bounce sheets, etc. You can also spray your hair straight up in the air. From: Maria

Mother Nature (assemble as you want)

  • Silk flowers and silk plant leaves in a variety of shapes and colours an old skirt and vest 
  • a face mask
  • € twigs (collected from your nearby park or in your own backyard) to make a nest
  • € a foam bird that you can find at any craft store
  • € glue gun and wire 

 Okay so I will start with The Myrtles Plantation by Frances Kermeen

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