Leave No Crumbs Cookbook – The Great Camping Event – Day 10

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We’re at Day 10 now. Only two more days left after this. I hope you’ve been enjoying The Great Camping Event.

The Leave-No Crumbs Camping Cookbook: 150 Delightful, Delicious, and Darn-Near Foolproof Recipes from Two Top Wilderness Chefs by Rick Greenspan & Hal Kahn

Stars: ****1/2

Summary:  Who says the food you make while camping has to be bland? These two authors show you how to cook outdoors with flare and taste.

The recipes are designed for backpacking as they pretty  much all contain dehydrated or freeze dried ingredients and as much prep as possible at home. However at the end of the book there are guidelines for using those recipes for car camping, where you can bring a cooler and more food.

There are a few chapters with other helpful information as well such as how to dehydrate food, how to pack, what kind of stoves to use and how much fuel and food you’ll need.

Some of the tasty recipes include: Jicama & Plantain Puree, Brazilian Black Bean Soup, Cruiser-Weight Vegetarian Chili, Chinese Boiled Dumplings, Apple Butter, Deep Pockets Risotto, Sushi Rolls, Baked Trout with Rosemary, Tarragon, and Garlic, Crepes, Braided Challah, Fruit Cobbler and tons more.

Each recipe includes background info, ingredients and instructions for what to prepare at home and what to prepare at camp. There are little sidebars of related information on some pages too such as: Inventing Your Own Purees, What is Curry and info on certain ingredients you may not be familiar with.

I haven’t had a chance to try a recipe yet but I will be trying them. There’s a Girl Guide Camp in May where they get bonus points for cooking a gourmet meal outdoors. Now I have tons of ideas!

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