Camping’s Top Secrets (+giveaway) – The Great Camping Event – Day 8

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It’s day 8 and time for a giveaway! But first a review.

Camping’s Top Secrets: a lexicon of camping tips only the experts know by Cliff Jacobson 3rd ed.

Stars: ****

Falcon Guides – Globe Pequot Press (2006)

Summary: “[this book] goes beyond the scope of traditional camping books, revealing hundreds of field-tested tips to enhance your next outdoor adventure. With clear descriptions organized alphabetically for quick reference, this guide by veteran camping consultant Cliff Jacobson divulges the best-kept secrets of the experts.” – back of book

This book has tips on all sorts of camping topics such as predicting weather, rigging a canoe, treating drinking water, tents/shelters, animals/insects, cooking, first aid, maps/GPS, camping with kids, choosing gear and much, much more.

It’s written like an encyclopedia, from A to Z. Or A (Anchor) to Y (Yard Goods.)

Some sections are very short (one paragraph long) and others are a few pages long. It’s more for backpackers or canoeists but there are some tips and hints that could be used when car/family camping.  Because it’s like an encylopedia, you can skip the parts that don’t pertain to the type of camping you do. Some of the tips have hand drawn illustrations to show what they mean. The tips are up to date and you can tell the author is very knowledgeable about what he’s talking about.

These tips are for new campers, they are for those who know the basics and want more tips (like what to do if it’s lightning out, how to follow topographical maps, how to create an emergency shelter, how to get dry fire wood when it’s been pouring for days and things like that.

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