Feelings, Speaking Up and Thanking My Body

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Happy, Sad, Silly, Mad: My World Makes Me Feel by John E. Mitchell and Jana Christy


Accord Publishing (2009)
Picture Book
28 pages

Summary: A cute picture book about how certain things make you feel. You may not feel the same way as the child in the book but the idea is to get talking about feelings.

I read this book to my 3 and 4 year old. They enjoyed it although it’s not like it was their new favourite book or anything. I really like it though. I think it would be good for a preschool or parent or Spark/Daisy leader who was teaching about feelings. As any good children’s book does today, this book features children of all skin colours and abilities. In addition to happy, sad, silly and mad, the children also mention curious, excited, confused, brave, scared, embarrassed, proud, frustrated, surprised and loved. Well actually the book says Angry inside but Mad on the cover. A good teachable moment that they mean the same thing.

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Oliver Has Something to Say! by Pamela Edwards


Lobster Press (2007)
Picture Book
Ages 4-8

Summary: Every time someone asks Oliver something, he goes to open his mouth and answer but someone else answers for him. Finally his teacher asks him a question and no one is around to answer for him. Can he use his words to say what he wants?

This is SUCH a cute book. It’s a perfect reminder to parents who may think they know what their child is thinking but who should step back and let them speak for themselves. It’s also a cute book for shy kids who don’t speak much.

The illustrations by Louis Pilon are adorable, cartoon-like with expressive faces and mostly simple line drawings.

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All of Me!: A Book of Thanks by Molly Bang


Blue Sky Press (2009)
Picture Book
40 Pages

Summary: A children’s book all about being thankful for all parts of our bodies as well as understanding that we are part of a bigger universe.

This book is wonderful. In order to understand, you need some quotes:

“Look at my fine feet! Thank you, feet, for holding me up when I stand, and when I walk, and when I jump!”
“I smile and talk and sing with my … mouth. My lips kiss Mommy and Daddy.”
“And right now I also know that I am part of this whole world – this universe!”

By far the best part about this book is that the artwork is done in a unique way and the author shares how that’s done at the end of the book. The artwork was created using crayons, paint and collage on paper bags. You can read more about how this book came to be and about the artwork at Molly Bang – All of Me.

Some other points of interest:

  • This book pictures an interracial family (white dad, dark-skinned mom) – finally!
  • There is no religion in this book, the boy is thankful but not to anyone in particular.
  • The last line is a little weird “And this whole universe is inside – all of me! What a wonder.”

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* I received a copy of all three of these books for review from the publishers. All reviews are honest and are not affected in any way by how I acquired the books.

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