Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss by Sharlene Azam (+ DVD Documentary)

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 This week is all about SEX! You can read more here but check back every day this week for reviews and giveaways.

Stars: ****

Bollywood Filmed Entertainment Inc (2009)
Adult Nonfiction
136 pages

Summary: The new documentary and book chronicle the shocking sex lives of teen girls. Sharlene Azam examines the recent emergence of teenage prostitution in affluent suburbs. Middle class girls as young as 12 are having sex with up to seven men a night, several times a week, so they can go shopping.  This book and film are a wake up call for parents showing them how girls are groomed by our culture into seeing sex as “no big deal” and the attention-getting behavior that is leading some girls into trading sex for money, drugs or clothes.

Most people agree that today’s girls are more sexualized than ever. Interestingly enough, Dr. Trina Read (who wrote the first book of this week, Till Sex Do Us Part), does not agree with this book. She says the book is not written based on research. Sharlene Azam may not have surveyed many pre-teen and teen girls from all over the country or world but the cases she talks about in the book and DVD are true. Perhaps it’s more common in certain areas, I don’t know but the idea that 12 year old girls are selling themselves for new jeans, a cool purse, or spending money is scary. The fact that they don’t consider it prostitution is even scarier.

With every book purchase you get a free DVD documentary. Here’s a bit about it:
Over 1 million people in Europe have watched the documentary Oral Sex Is The New Goodnight Kiss, which includes interviews with the young women in the book and other girls. The United States Anti-Trafficking Department of the Salvation Army is promoting its viewership. – from http://www.thenewgoodnightkiss.com

The documentary was short, about 30 minutes long and covered some of the stories from the book, just like it says above. It was scary to hear the voices of some of these girls, talking about recruiting their classmates. They said there was no way they would do it (trading sex for things) themselves but they had no problem recruiting other girls into it. When asked if they knew what happened to them, the girls say “nothing good, One got raped, one got pregnant.” The scary part is that they don’t even seem to care about the other girls. One even went so far as to say they deserved it.

Whether this problem is happening around here or not, I plan to keep my girls aware as they grow up. Aware of sexuality and sex, aware of self-respect and loving your body, aware of those who are out there to harm others, aware about the temptation to do drugs or prostitution and aware that I am here if they ever need to talk. 

The New Goodnight Kiss website offers book excerpts,  a PDF e-book about our Toxic Culture and info, clips from the documentary (actually I believe it’s the whole documentary),.

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