Duck Goes Potty by Michael Dahl (review with help by 2 year old)

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Stars: ***

Capstone Press (2010)
Board Book for Preschoolers
Hello Genius Series

Summary: Duck’s mommy gets Duck a potty. He learns how to use it. 

My Review: I think this is a cute potty book. It’s really short and so it’s good for those 2-year-olds who don’t have much of an attention span. It doesn’t go into all the steps (such as pulling down pants, wiping, flushing or washing hands) so it would be better for the pre-potty trainer, who just needs some basic info on what a potty is for. Once they actually start using the potty, you may want one that goes over all the steps. Being a board book, it’s easy to handle while sitting on the potty or for kids to look at themselves. Duck isn’t specifically a boy or a girl so the book can be used with either gender.

My Daughter’s Review: I asked my two-year-old (three in one month) what she thought of the book since she is currently potty training (just recently in underwear.)  She has some humourous opinions.

Me: So what do you think about this book.
A: I don’t like it.
Me: Why not.
A: I like the other ones better.
(So I flipped through the pages with her to get more feedback)
A: Ducks too big
Me: He should be smaller?
A: Yes
[…next few pages…]
A: Eww there is poop on the floor. That’s disgusting. (in the book, there is poop on the floor.)
Me: You don’t like that?
A: No. I don’t poop on the floor.
[…next page…]
A: Duck falling off potty. He’s supposed to sit.
[…next few pages…]
 A: That’s too much toilet paper. I only use a little bit. That’s too much. (picture has duck trailing long piece of toilet paper.)

And that’s what my daughter thought.  Despite the fact that she doesn’t like it, I still recommend it as a starter book for the 18-30 month old.

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