Clean Away the Clutter: Day 3 Update + activity

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Well I did pretty good on Day 1 but I haven’t done well since then. Yesterday I only managed 1hr 20 minutes and I haven’t read at all yet today. I’ve just been so busy!

Today’s activity is from The Neverending Shelf and is to share 3 blogs we enjoy.

Three Awesome Blogs I Think Deserve More Attention:

Caroline Bookbinder
Caroline has worked in many parts of the book business and has a great blog with reviews, posts about the book business and other random stuff. I like it because she reads nonfiction like me and is very friendly.

Words, World and Wings
This book review blog has a beautiful design and unlike most blogs (mine included) she reviews mostly books from the library or that she owns. You won’t see the latest blog tour on this blog. She reviews YA fiction and she mostly reviews realistic fiction which is the kind I like.

Reading in Appalachia
If you’re looking for talk about books that is less in the review format, this is a great blog. I like how she highlights literature from the Appalachia area.

That’s just three of the many book blogs I love that I think should be known about more than they are.

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