24-Hour Readathon – The Hungry Readers Mini-Challenge

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This mini challenge is hosted by The Hungry Readers.

We are to post about what we’ve been eating.

I was just realizing how much junk food I’ve eaten today. I’m going to have to eat really healthy after this and do lots of exercising to make up for it.

Today I’ve had: Fruit Loops Cereal, Pizza and Iced Tea, More Pizza and Rootbeer, Easter Candy and Chocolate and I’m about to have more Pizza and root beer.

I usually eat chocolate and drink pop to help keep me awake because I don’t drink coffee but I was thinking that really, caffeine wakes you up a for a bit but then makes you more tired. We should really be eating healthy to get proper energy.

My camera doesn’t take good photos so here’s some photos through Flickr (but these are what I’ve been eating)

 From meddygarnet on Flickr

From pbeens on Flickr

From Bakersanon on Flickr
From jetalone on Flickr
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