Spiked Scorpions & Walking Whales: Modern Animals, Ancient Animals and Water by Claire Eamer

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Stars: ***1/2

This is the second similar book by Claire Eamer. I’ve reviewed Super Crocs & Monster Wings as well.

Summary: Following in the steps of Super Crocs & Monster Wings, this highly engaging book looks at six different groups of animals that are linked with the place where all life began – the water. Featuring the 110-million-year-old platypus, the mysterious colossal squid, Sea scorpions as large as crocodiles and the Demon Duck of Doom, a giant, flightless Australian bird with legs built for walking and a beak the size of a suitcase.

These books are great for learning about science and any child wanting to know more about where today’s animals evolved from will enjoy these books. The Demon Duck of Doom (mentioned in summary) is so big and scary looking I’m glad it’s not still around!

This book not only covers specific animals but also talks about how important water is to so many animals. There is also an interesting page that shows what the evolution of some animals would look like if the earth’s total age was condensed into one year. For example:

“Earth forms on the first day of January”
“Bizarre soft-bodied creatures fill the oceans in mid-November.”
“On December 27, an asteroid strikes Earth, bringing death to the dinosaurs and many other species.”

Doing it this way shows how most of what’s happened on the Earth happened in the last few billion years.

The book is full of photos of modern animals and detailed drawings of what their ancient counterparts probably looked like.

I found this book wasn’t quite as good as Super Crocs and Monster Wings but was still a good nonfiction science read for children.

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