Read an E-Book Week – March 7 – 13, 2010

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I was alerted to this book holiday at West of Mars. This next week is a time to read e-books, find e-books and learn about e-books.

The official E-Book Week website has lots of information and facts about e-books.

West of Mars is an author blog and will be offering her e-books for a large percentage off during this week. 

As for me, I don’t usually read too many e-books as I don’t have an e-book reader and it’s a strain on my eyes.

However I recently received a review copy of an interactive e-book Howard Sherman’s
latest spy thriller – Saints in Sin City
. So maybe I’ll try that. I also have a few e-books saved on my computer:

Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas (sorry can’t share link for this one)
Toxic Culture by Sharlene Azam (can be downloaded here [pdf] but warning: is about the sexualization of children and has some slighty naughty photos)
The 7 Secrets of Parenting Girls by Dr. Janet Rose Wojtalik (you can get the book here but they do send you other emails periodically.)
Helping Your Child Become a Reader by U.S. Deparment of Education (you can get the book and others here.)
Surviving Bipolar’s Fatal Grip by David Mariant (and Diane Mariant) (preview)
Blogging in Pink: A Woman’s Guide by Michelle Mitchell (from Scribbit) (download from here [pdf])

So if I feel up to it, perhaps I’ll read an e-book this week!

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