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The Green Green Pear by Manjula Naraynan
Stars: ***1/2

Author House UK (2009)

Summary: The green green pear wishes he was anything but a green green pear. One day his wish comes true, but is he happy?

This is a story of self acceptance. The idea is good and the illustrations are a bit silly but also cute. I think this book could be better but it’s a strong story. The author has made another book called The Red Red Car and will be coming out with another one in what she calles her “Color Trilogy.”

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Stop It! by Sally O. Lee
Stars: ***

I’ve reviewed many other picture books by Sally O. Lee: Cake Thief, The Rabbit and the Snowman and The Tutu Ballet.

This one’s about a bullying brother. The sister finally gets fed up with it and shouts “Stop It!” The brother starts being nice and they play together nicely.

I like Sally’s other books better. I think this one fell a little short. The idea is good but saying stop it once is not going to deter most bullies. As usual however my children and I love Sally’s illustrations. It’s not often that a book is written and illustrated (well) by the same person. Also the apostrophes kept changing how they looked which I found a bit weird. They should look the same in one book.

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Cookie by Lisa Woomer
Stars: ****

Summary: Cookie is a girl who eats only cookies. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Dessert is all cookies. Her parents warn her that one day she’ll turn into a cookie if she keeps eating cookies. Guess what? She did turn into a cookie. See what happened and if she gets turned back.

This is a cute story designed to teach healthy eating. I liked how the book doesn’t suggest you NEVER eat cookies, just that you don’t eat them at every meal, they are for dessert only. This would be a good book for a child who loves cookies both for the fun of it and the reminder that cookies aren’t grow-foods. I love the storyline.

My only reservation is the illustrations. As a self-published book there aren’t many options and I think this book should be picked up by a publishing house. With professionally done illustrations I think this book would do really well.

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