Red in the Flower Bed by Andrea Napa

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Subtitle: An Illustrated Children’s Story about Interracial Adoption

Stars: ****

Summary: A poppy drops a seed which is carried in the wind to a new place where it grows in to a poppy of it’s own with some other flowers and together they all make something beautiful.

Tribute Books (2009)
Children’s Fiction
Ages 9-12 (according to amazon… see below)
28 pages

First of all I’d say this book is perfect for ages 3-8. The younger children may not understand what interracial adoption means but they’d still enjoy the story. The way the story relates to interracial adoption is not obvious. What I mean is that if you weren’t told of the connection, you wouldn’t figure it out. This book could easily be used as an explanation of how a seed grows into a flower and nothing more.

The pictures seem to be done by putting together pieces of fabric cut into certain shapes. Many different prints are used and they all work well together. The pictures make up the background and the text is printed on top.

The text is in rhyme which makes it flow better. I think it’s a really cute book.

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