Three Short Annick Press Picture Book Reviews

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Wiggle Giggle Tickle Train by Nora Hilb and Sharon Jennings
Stars: ***1/2

Annick Press (2009)
26 pages
Age 2-4

This is a unique book. It’s not a story but real photographs with illustrations beside them of preschoolers imitating what’s in the photograph. The illustrations are accompanied by silly rhymes.

For example: Photo of small pony, illustration of girl riding on daddy’s shoulders and this rhyme:

“Hold on to the saddle, pony might prance. Bucking and frisky, he’s roaming the ranch. Giddy-Up!”

It’s a neat idea, but I didn’t even see that the children were doing something related to the photograph until I read the back of the book. Also this book didn’t hold my children’s attention much.

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Chicken, Pig, Cow On the Move by Ruth Ohi
Stars: ****

This is the sequel to Chicken, Pig, Cow by Ruth Ohi.

Annick Press (2009)
29 pages
Ages 2-5

In this sequel, Chicken, Pig and Cow, the clay creatures made by a little girl feel cooped up in their little house and decide to go exploring for somewhere better to live.Pig finds a slipper but it’s too linty. Cow goes under a chair but it’s too noisy (vacuum!) Chicken finds the perfect home!

My children love the Chicken, Pig, Cow books. The watercolour illustrations are beautiful and the text is fun and light. I think the Chicken, Pig, Cow books are great for preschoolers.

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Together by Hazel Hutchins
Stars: ****

I’ve also reviewed Mattland by Hazel Hutchins.

Annick Press (2009)
20 pages
Ages 2-5

This is a sweet little book about things that go together.

e.g. What keeps my shirt together, happy over my tummy? Buttons.
e.g What keeps my coat close and snug all over? A zipper.

Actually all but the last one are about fasteners of some kind. The last one is about what keeps a family together and is a very spectacular ending. I had our playgroup teacher read this to the group (0-6) and the kids loved it. Some of the preschoolers were trying to shout out answers.

I’m a little unsure about my second example up there. I assume the author meant close as in close to her body but I think for a zipper it should have said closed.

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