Thinking About Last 998 Posts (This is post 999)

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The big celebration is tomorrow so be sure to come back. I have giveaways!

For today I’d like to reminisce a little bit.

Here’s how my header has changed:

SOME STATS (since the beginning)

Total Reviews: 488
5 Star: 142
4 Star: 222
Adult Nonfiction: 126
Adult Fiction: 44
Picture Books: 122
Children’s Fiction: 71
Children’s Nonfiction: 57

Also in 2009 my blog was listed in an e-book!

So what do I think were some of my best/most interesting posts: (In Descending Order)

  1. In Memory of Books
  2. 8 Tips for Reading More When You Have Young Children
  3. Kids and Libraries
  4. My Thoughts on Required Reading in School
  5. Reading and Writing in India
  6. Weekly Geeks #23 – Photo Tour
  7. Chick-Lit

I’d love to have your thoughts on those posts. Please consider commenting on the old posts with your thoughts!

See you tomorrow!

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