Sand to Stone and Back Again by Nancy Bo Flood – Day Two

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Today I share with you an interview I did with the author Nancy Bo Flood. (Pictured at right)
NBF – Nancy Bo Flood
C – Callista

About the Book

C: What made you want to create this book? Were you filling a need or writing about what you like or something else perhaps?

NBF: I wrote the book because I find the desert incredibly beautiful and wondrous in its stark, rugged landscape. I hoped to bring the beauty and wonder of the geology of the desert to young readers.

C: Did you consult with other people or even experts while you wrote this book? If so, Who?

NBF: All the information in Sand to Stone is accurate. I consulted with geologists and anthropologists. Besides talking with them and also asking them to review the text, I read many books about desert geology, sandstone, the animals, plants and people that live and thrive in the high desert climate. I even read books about volcanoes because we have many “sleeping” volcanoes in this area of the desert.

C: What’s your favourite part of the book?

NBF: My favorite part – “You began as one tiny cell, as small as a grain of sand. From one cell, you became two, then four. Now you are made of million of connected cells. From one tiny cell, you became a person. From one grain of sand, I became a mountain.” I do love that comparison!

C: What one thing do you hope readers will take away from Sand to Stone and Back Again?

NBF: Everything in our world continues to change. Change is often a cycle of building, crumbling and rebuilding. This is true for rocks as well as people.

C: How long was it between when you first started writing this book and when you were first published?

NBF: I began writing this book five years ago after several years of hiking and camping in the desert. I love being in a steep-sided canyon with only ravens and sage brush. Such silence! Perhaps a mountain lion is watching me and following my tracks. That has happened.

About the Author

C: What kinds of books do you read in your spare time?

NBF: I read all sorts of books. I especially like poetry for children that describes nature or is funny. I like historical fiction as well as nonfiction.

C: Have you thought about your next book yet?

NBF: My new projects include an alphabet books about rocks, a silly but true book about fungi (without mushrooms our world would not survive!), and a novel about a Navajo girl whose sisters joins the army and goes to fight in Iraq. My newest and first novel just came out – Warriors in the Crossfire – a story about boys surviving the invasion of their island, Saipan, in the western Pacific during World War II.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Nancy. I can’t wait to see your rock alphabet book. I love rocks!

You can also find some teacher/student activities that go with the book at Simple Saturday (scroll down) but they will also be available at Nancy Bo Flood’s website by the end of the week.

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