BackTalk by Audrey Ricker and Carolyn Crowder

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Backtalk: 4 Steps to Ending Rude Behavior In Your Kids by Audrey Ricker, Ph.D and Carolyn Crowder Ph.D.

Stars: ****

This is a short, (under 200 pages,) book to help you end backtalk from your kids from preschoolers to teens. I have a back talker so I was interested in reading this book. (Fireside (S&S) 1998) It has some good points which I’ve implemented (when I’m not already too frustrated to do them hehe) and it’s helped. I can’t say it works 100% mainly because I am not doing the 4 steps all the time, properly.

That’s the problem with any behaviour system book… it requires you to do each and every step in order, properly or it doesn’t work. This sounds easy before you have kids but once they’re here, you realize it’s not that simple. It does have some good points though and also includes how to deal with your children’s friends who backtalk.

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