Hello, Good-Bye by Arlene Alda

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Stars: ****

Tundra Books (March 10, 2009)
Juvenile Nonfiction Ages 2-5
32 pages

I received this book from Tundra Books for review. Arlene Alda is indeed the wife of Alan Alda, you know, from M.A.S.H. I wasn’t aware she wrote children’s books but she does have a few others and is an award-winning photographer as well. Her photographs appear in this book of opposites.

It’s a very simple book, showing opposites on opposite pages with accompanying photographs. [For example: cold (snow on a tree) and hot (palm tree on a beach)] The photographs are wonderful and opposites that aren’t normally put in opposites book are covered, such as straight and slanted or quiet and loud or parked and on the go.

It’s not necessarily the best opposites book out there but I do like that it thinks of the not-so-obvious opposites.

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