Bradley McGogg: The Very Fine Frog by Tim Beiser

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Stars: ****

Picture Book Ages 2-5
Tundra Books (March 2009)
24 pages

Summary: Bradley McGogg makes his home in the bog where there are plenty of yummy bugs for a frog to feed on. Upon finding his pantry bare one day, Bradley decides to meet his neighbours, in the hopes that they will share some of their favorite meals with him. But this “bog frog” soon finds that not all animals eat alike….

This is a really cute story and it’s fun to see Bradley’s reaction when he sees what his neighbours are eating. The illustrations by Rachel Berman are just right, very Frog & Toad-esque.

“Hop, Hop! His next stop was the cow on the slope,
whose mooing and chewing gave Bradley great hope.

But he stopped in mid-hop
when he caught Miss Moo grazing.
What she chewed for her food
Bradley found quite amazing.

She was munching on clover
and snacking on grass!
To avoid the same lunch,
Bradley gave her a pass.”

As you can see the story rhymes too which is always a favourite of preschoolers. My three-year-old daughter really seems to like it. This is Tim Beiser’s first book for children and I think he did a fine job on it

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