Too Tall Alice by Barbara Worton

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Stars: ***
ISBN: 978-0979066115
Great Little Books (March 2009)
Pages: 32

Summary: Alice (8 years old) is four inches taller than the other girls in her class. This is the story of how she realized that it’s okay to be tall and that she can be whoever and whatever she wants to be.

The premise is good and the illustrations are different and interesting but it just wasn’t as good as I was expecting. I’m not sure the specified age range for the book but the girl is 8 so with that knowledge and having read the book I’d say 8-12. My eldest child is only three but she seems to really like the book for some reason. I doubt she understands the material so I think it’s the colourful illustrations and the Mermaid bed Alice has.

There is a lot of text; it’s a fairly long picture book so an 8 year old would need help reading it, but would enjoy it. I personally am not fond of the font used, it’s very “spazzy” and is bigger in some places. I found it a bit hard to read and anyone hard of seeing would find it difficult but I suppose it might appeal more to the intended age group. Also the book has a lot of dreaming in it, which I wasn’t expecting and didn’t necessarily like.

I never did understand picture books for children over 8 myself anyways though.

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