Ian’s Walk: A Story about Autism by Laurie Lears

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Stars: ****
This is a children’s picture book that can be read to siblings of kids with Autism or to other children without Autism to help them better understand it. Every Autistic child is different just like every non-Autistic child is different but this book will still give you an idea and if an adult is reading aloud the book, he/she can provide more information about Autism as they read.

The story is that Ian is a boy with Autism and his sister’s want to take a walk but Ian wants to go with. After clearing it with the mom, the two sisters take Ian on a walk. The younger sister is the narrator and talks about how Ian hears things different, feels things different etc…. Then near the end of the walk, Ian goes missing and with lumps in their throats, the two sisters try to figure out where he may have gone.

“Ian smells things differently…
At Mrs. Potter’s flower stand, I hold a bouquet of sweet-smelling lilacs up
to Ian’s face. Ian wrinkles his nose and turns away. But when we go by the post
office, Ian puts his nose against the warm, gritty bricks and sniffs the wall.”
– pg 8

For some more stats on the book, check out the corresponding page at the publishers, Albert Whitman & Company.
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