I Love Chocolate by Davide Calì

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Stars: *****

I recieved this book for review from Tundra Books.

Could this book be any more appropriate for me? I love chocolate!

This is a picture book designed for ages 2-5 about loving chocolate. I’ve read it to my 21 month old and 3 year old many times and they BOTH love it. Of course they both love chocolate too!

The boy (whose name we never know) talks about chocolate: the different kinds he likes (“I love chocolate bars because they CRUNCH between my teeth”), when he likes to eat it (“I love chocolate because it makes bad times better[.]”) and the hardest part about liking chocolate (“…eating too much!”).

The book was originally published as Mi piace il cioccolato in Italy in 2001.

I think this is the best children’s book about chocolate I’ve seen!

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