Call of the Witches: Book 3 of the Witchery Series by Laura Stamps

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Stars: ****

First a little about the series (from the author’s blog):

THE WITCHERY SERIES Trilogy (published by Trytium Publishing)

A sexy paranormal romance novel series in paperback. In this series you’ll meet five wonderful Witches: Savannah, Maylene, Mirabella, Noelle, and Ravena. There’s something for everyone in this trilogy. The novels range from empowering to romantic to erotic. You’ll also find real spells, chants, and rituals in each one. Big fun!

1.) The Witches of Dixie (an empowering novel)

2.) What Witches Want (a sweet, sexy romance novel)

3.) Call of the Witches (an erotic romance novel)

So if you like Paranormal Romance, this is for you. If you happen to be Pagan, all for the better, but you don’t have to be Pagan to enjoy it. If you’re uncomfortable with sex talk, don’t read the rest of this review.

I was lucky enough to be able to review the third book in the series, Call of the Witches. The blog link above will give you an excerpt.

Summary: Maylene Whitmire is a Wiccan Witch plagued with bad-news boyfriends. They flock to her like bees to honey. Each one seems different in the beginning, but they all end up the same. Bad news. And she’s fed up. When Artemis, her Patron Goddess, suggests a two-year vow of celibacy, Maylene jumps at the chance. Three months before her celibacy vow ends she runs into Blaine Rutledge, a Wiccan Green Witch and the sweetest, sexiest man she’s ever met. Sparks fly, and her libido sizzles. My, oh my! The last few months of her celibacy vow are about to become not only an erotic adventure but also the greatest challenge of her life.

First of all if you don’t already know, I’ve never read a Paranormal book and I’ve never read Romance. So this book was my introduction to both genres. I wouldn’t have tried it if it weren’t about Wiccans. I enjoyed this book but don’t expect to see many if any more Paranormal or Romance reviews on this website.

I don’t know how much sex is usually in a romance novel (feel free to tell me romance enthusiasts) but I was forewarned that this book was just a hair away from being classified as Erotica. This was fine with me. (sly grin) It had just about the right amount of sex for me, but then I’m quite open minded when it comes to reading and talking about that subject matter.

As a Pagan, I enjoyed the spells, chants and rituals and could see myself using them if the need came to be. The only thing out of the whole book that I didn’t like was the use of the word sex:

“Another ripple of desire zips through her sex, and her thoughts wander to his
sensuous lips and how good they must taste. “
– Chapter 3

It started to bug me after the third time. I’d rather something like sexual organs or genitals or even privates if a less direct term was desired.

Since I’ve never read Paranormal or Romance books I can’t properly compare this book to others in the genre so if anyone else has read this and especially if you’ve read other Paranormal or Romance novels, please leave your thoughts!

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