Baron Thinks DOGS Are People TOO! by Laurie Dean

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Stars: ***

I received this book for review through Bostick Communications.

This is a picture book about a dog named Baron who is just trying to make a friend but his family sends him to dog school. Even after dog school he is trying to make a friend, will he find one?

The book is cute and my children liked it but I was a little confused about two things.

1. What does making a friend have to do with dogs being people?

2. The friend he ends up finding is in his own family. Weren’t they already friends? They played together.

I’m not sure it makes as much sense as it should have but I loved the illustrations and my children love any book about dogs so they were happy. It’s a pretty good book but I think that either the kid and dog should have not been as friendly towards each other before hand or the friend should have been someone else.

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