Rosita and Elmo Read a Recipe by Jodie Shepherd

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Illustrations by Bob Berry
Read, Listen and Learn book by Studio Mouse.
This is a really good Book and CD set which helps children learn how to follow a recipe as well as learning a few Spanish words.

Summary: Rosita’s Abuela (Grandmother) comes to visit and teaches Rosita and Elmo how to make Guacamole and Salsa. Steps include making a shopping list, buying ingredients, washing hands, combining ingredients and eating!

The story includes a CD that not only reads the story aloud but also has fun songs, activities ideas and goes over the new vocabulary The CD is at the back of the book and has such English words as ingredients, recipe and guacamole and Spanish words such as abuela, hola and delicioso.

Before the story even begins, at the front of the book is the actual recipe for both Gooey Guacamole and Sensational Salsa so that you can make them with your children.

As for the actual story in the book, the pictures are bright, colourful and clear and the words are easy to read. The key vocabulary words that are listed at the back are bolded throughout the story so that you can point them out to your child. Although there are quite a few words on each page, the illustrations match the words which is important to young children who get confused if something they hear in the words isn’t pictured. My 2 ½ year old loved it although if your child hasn’t been read to often since birth (which they should be) than the child probably won’t be able to listen to this whole story until they are 3 or over.

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