A Pride of African Tales by Donna L. Washington

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Stars: ***1/2

Illustrator: James Ransome

Children’s Non-Fiction
Publisher: Harper Collins 2004
70 Pages
Ages 6-10

Summary: Six tales from different parts of Africa, each with an underlying lesson. There is the Trickster tale, A Cautionary Tale, a Tale of Anger and Forgiveness and more.

The stories were interesting and not too long. I don’t know about 6 and 7 year olds listening to them though. I’d say they’d have to be 8 or 9 to read it themselves. My favourite story is the Boy Who Wanted the Moon which is about a king’s son who foolishly says he wants the moon and the king makes his people try to fetch it. Their attempt ends up backlashing on them and they learn the hard way that they shouldn’t want for something unattainable and not rightly theirs.

The illustrations were absolutely beautiful. Very real looking. The illustrator is a winner of the Coretta Scott King Award.

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