No Nuts For Me! by Aaron Zevy

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Stars: *****

Okay first two things:

1. Sorry that’s the best picture I could find. (and that’s because…)

2. This book is not available for purchase unless you want to spend over $170 for a picture book.

The book was published by Tumbleweed Press (which is not your average publisher) with support of Kraft Canada, Best Foods Canada, Hershey Canada and General Mills Canada (Inc.)

Scholar’s Choice distributed it to Canadian Schools.

It’s a picture book of a boy who is allergie to nuts and he is telling us all about it. He wears a medic alert bracelet and carries and epi-pen and talks about how he is a normal kid, he just can’t eat nuts. There is no scary talk about death he just says he can get really, really sick and go to the hospital if he has nuts.

It’s a great picture book and I wish they’d publish it properly and make it available to the public.

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