Learn & Carry Space Adventure by Laura Gates Galvin

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Published by Studio Mouse in accordance with the Smithsonian Institution.
A Read-Aloud Book with Read-Aloud and Musical Fun CD
4 books & CD in a carrying case (Learn & Carry)

This little set would be perfect for the child ages 3-6 who is interested in Astronauts, The Moon, The Planets and Spacecraft.

The four books are each small board books but with 20 pages made of thin cardboard and with a reading level much higher than a normal board book. A toddler could still wreck the pages. Also on some pages along with the story text there is a little fact. For example a page says “We’ll learn about Mercury, the closest planet to the sun.” It also says, “Mercury has holes, or craters, on it’s surface, just like the moon.”

The accompanying CD reads the books and has some fun music. Unlike most read-aloud books, these stories are read by children, which I’’m sure will be better received. When the stories are read aloud, the facts are not read. A later track on the CD explains all the space terms such as telescope, mission control, Apollo and dwarf planets.

The illustrations in the book are cute and look pretty real. If you glance quickly, you might even think they were photographs.

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