Jack London’s Dog by Dirk Wales

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Stars: ****

Illustrations by Barry Moser

Great Plains Press 2008
Children’s Fiction

I received this book for review. I’ll also be counting it towards the What an Animal Challenge.

Jack London is the author of Call of the Wild and other books. The story Call of the Wild was based on his dog in the North. He left the dog there when he went home and wrote his novel.

The back of the book makes it sound like this is the true story of the dog who is also named Jack. Like perhaps the some of the people who had him when Jack London left finally told the story. However this is not true. This is the story of what MIGHT have happened to his dog as told by Dirk Wales.

The story itself though was wonderful. Very interesting. It didn’t take me long to read at all as I didn’t want to put it down. It all sounded very real, very convincing. Dirk Wales is a good story teller for sure. I was just a bit disappointed that it wasn’t all real.

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