Weekly Geeks #23 – Photo Tour

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For Weekly Geeks #23 I said I was organizing my challenges (which I did) and was going to give you a photo tour of my life book wise. So here it is. Please leave comments, I’m curious!

This is my youngest daughter reading a book while watching Dora. Multi-talented like her mom.

This is our bed, where I read before I go to sleep.

This is a pile of books I’ve recently read, waiting to go upstairs to my bookshelf to keep.
The couch where I read during the day along with one of my current reads.

My very cluttered but actually fairly organized desk where I write my reviews (yes there IS a desk there somewhere)

The pile of giveaways to be mailed out (I’m a little behind in money )

The ARC pile(s) are the left two. The smaller one on the right is books I’ve won from contests or were given to me for free by other bloggers. I guess I better get reading eh? It would help if I’d stop requesting more.
I didn’t bother with a pic of my bookshelves as they’re half empty right now (don’t think I got rid of books, I didn’t. They are just all over the floor being “sorted”)
I also didn’t have my camera with me at the library but I don’t do much reading there nowaways with the kids around.
Well hope you liked, I’m sure it wasn’t that interesting but if you did this past weekly geek and want to leave me a link to it, please do!

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