Dirty Spanish: Everyday Slang from "What’s Up?" to "F*%# Off!" by Juan Caballero

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I received this book from the Mini Book Expo, courtesy of Ulysses Press.

This book is for those who know quite a bit of Spanish but want to learn Spanish Slang. This book has everything you might need to understand slang in Spanish speaking countries.

The book is divided into the following chapters: Howdy Spanish, Friendly Spanish, Party Spanish, Body Spanish, Horny Spanish, Angry Spanish, Poppy Spanish, Sporty Spanish and Hungry Spanish.

There is no way I could quote all the new words I learned from this book here as I’d attract all manner of people looking for something completely different. However here are a few things I learned:

From Howdy Spanish

Ahi nos Belmont!

From Friendly Spanish

Your sister’s a cool chick.
Tu hermana es buena chava.

From Party Spanish

Let’s go get our groove on
Vamonos a soltar una juerga

From Body Spanish

I got cramps in my leg last night.
Me agarraron calambres en las piernas anoche.

From Horny Spanish

I’d love to nail that ass (trust me this is one of the less explicit!)
Me gustaria clavar ese culo.

From Angry Spanish

Don’t set food in here again.
No vuelves a poner pie aqui.

From Poppy Spanish (entertainment)

Let’s go see a chick flick on the big screen.
Vamonos a ver una peli melosa en pantalla grande.

From Sporty Spanish

Who do you root for?
A quien apoyas?

From Hungry Spanish

Grill me up some Guinea Pig (that’s right, they eat it!)
Tirame un poco de cuy en la parilla

Unlike the other Dirty Language Series, there isn’t one way to speak Spanish so when something is only said in one or two Spanish speaking countries, there are short forms given. So a legend at the beginning of the book tells you that for instance that Mex is Mexico and Cub is Cuba. There is also a short pronunciation guide because they assume if you want to know slang you know the basics of pronunciation anyways.

I also learned other things about Spanish speaking countries in general. That some eat Guinea Pig for example, that they have no problem talking about other’s body parts (like saying someone has a big nose or big butt) and that insults can be quite over-the-top compared to ours. I really enjoyed this book and some day when I go to Spain or Mexico I’ll brush up and talk slang.

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