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Okay so it’s not Thursday anymore but I just found out about this meme/event and it seems like we have the whole week to do it anyways. I won’t be able to do next weeks because I’ll be gone but I hope to keep participating.

This Week’s Thursday’s Thoughts:
Why did you begin your blogging adventure? Tell the who, what, when, where and why! How many blogs do you maintain? How often do you write on your blog and how much time do you spending reading other blogs? Do you feel a compulsion to share your blogging experience with the people in your life? Have you made real connections via your blogging? And, last, but NEVER least… ARE YOU ADDICTED?

Well I too have multiple blogs, about 17 I think at last count. I started
this blog in 2003. I was writing book reviews on Amazon but then they changed it
so you had to have purchased something from them to post. At the time I had
never purchased anything from them and wasn’t planning to anytime soon so I had
to find another place for my reviews. So I started a blog. I was doing it
because whenever I went somewhere to find out about a book I was interested in,
their synopsis just wasn’t enough info for me. I found the other reviews on
Amazon were much more helpful. So I wanted to help others out by giving good feedback on books including what was in the Table of Contents for Non-Fiction.

I (understandably) have a hard time keeping up with my 17 blogs and so some I do pretty much daily (like this one) and others I haven’t posted to in over a year. Some are for book challenges and so are only in use for short times during the course of a year.

I’d estimate I spend about 30 minutes on posts a day and about 1 hour a day visiting other blogs. I’d like to spend more time on both.

I don’t share much of my blogging experience with those in real life. I have made many connections online through blogging and I’m proud to call lots of other bloggers my friends.

And yes I am MOST CERTAINLY addicted.

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