The Three Sillies by Steven Kellogg

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Stars: ***1/2

I read this book for the Celebrate the Author Challenge for October.

This is the same story as is told in Six Fools by Zora Neale Hurston. It is slightly different of course.

The very condensed version of how the story goes is that there is a family of three and the girl is being courted by a man. The family does something very silly and the man says he is going traveling and if he can find three sillier sillies he will come back and marry the girl. He does find three sillier sillies and they get married and have a baby.

This book is for ages 6 and up so my daughter is too young to follow it but I’m sure any child who loves Steven Kellogg’s other books would like it. If you’ve never seen a Steven Kellogg book you should know his books almost look like a comic book in that the text is all over the place, part of it a block of text and the rest speech bubbles from the people.

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