The Princess Who Had Almost Everything by Mireille Levent

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Stars: ****1/2

I received this book for review from Tundra Books.

Summary: Princess Alicia had almost everything: a splendid castle, mountains of desserts, and loving parents who did everything possible to ensure her happiness. But despite all their efforts, Princess Alicia found boredom wherever she went. Nothing could hold her interest for very long. That is, until she was presented with a most unusual gift.

The Princess Who Had Almost Everything reminds readers of all ages that happiness is not always elusive; that often it is right in front of us: all we have to do is seek it.

I really enjoyed reading this book.

What caught my eye first was the illustrations. Josée Masse did an superb job with the illustrations. I’m not sure what technique was used although I think it may be painted. Princess Alicia has a cute pointed nose and long braided hair and everything just looks fairytale like. You won’t find any pastels or bright colours here, everything is in subdued colours, but it makes for a better look. It makes it look more regal.

The story is wonderful, with a great lesson at the end. The writing is fun. Reading the story made me feel like Princess Alicia was my child declaring she was bored. I felt her boredom even.

“The king and queen commanded the gardeners to plant a maze in the royal garden, full of all sorts of leafy delights and fragrant flowers. It was the most delightful maze that anyone had ever seen. Alicia just held her nose and pronounced the garden “stinky.”The Princess Who Had Almost Everything

I am absolutely delighted with this book and when my daughters are just a bit older (it’s recommended for ages 4 and up) I just know they will enjoy this story over and over again. It will be a well-read book by the time they outgrow the princess stage. Recommended for girls 4-8 who love princesses.

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