Ready for Summer and Ready for Autumn by Marthe Jocelyn (Board Books)

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Stars: ***

I received these two books for review from Tundra Books. These books are two in a set of four about the four seasons.

These books are illustrated by Marthe Jocelyn using a collage technique of colours, textures and patterns cut out and laid on top of each other to make clothing suitable for each season.

The start of the book shows pajamas and then says, “Let’s get ready for autumn/summer! Take off pajamas and choose…” and then goes on to illustrate common clothing for each season like tank tops, sundresses, sunglasses and playsuits for Summer and undershirts, leggings, hoodies and galoshes for Autumn. The end of the book proclaims, “Now we’re ready for autumn/summer!”

In general I liked the illustrations with the exception of the girl in the summer book whose bottom is quite out of proportion to the rest of her.

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