Stone Soup by Marcia Brown

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This book was read for the Celebrate the Author Challenge but could have been read for the Heart of a Child Challenge too!

Doesn’t every North American know this book? If not they should. We read it in school and then made our very own Stone Soup. We studied it too, I believe it was a unit in like Grade 2 or something. I remember liking it so much I got it from the school library many times and my mom helped me read it.

In case you don’t know, Stone Soup is the story of when three soldiers come across a town looking for a meal and a place to sleep. The town doesn’t have much and hides their food and tell the soldiers tales of why they have no food and no extra beds.

The soldiers say they will make Stone Soup to eat then if they could just borrow a pot and ladle. The villagers provide them and the soldiers put in three large stones and start cooking. Then they remark how it’s too bad they don’t have any food because a certain food item (changes each time) would have made the soup better. Well all of a sudden the villages pull out that food (e.g. carrots) and add them to the pot. Nothing is said about where they came from or that the soldiers thought they had no food. This happens many times until the soup is finished and full of ingredients. The whole village shares the soup and the soldiers are held in such esteem for being able to make a great soup out of simple stones that they are given the three best beds in the village.

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