Super Crocs & Monster Wings: Modern Animals’ Ancient Past by Claire Eamer

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Stars: *****

I received this book for review from Annick Press. Although it’s not by the same author, it’s similar to Cheetah Cubs and Beetle Grubs and Naturally Wild Musicians.

This book shows us the past and ancient past of six modern animals: Dragonflies, Crocodiles, Camels, Sloths, Armadillos and Beavers. It covers the first known type of that animal, how it evolved into what it is now and why it may have changed. The book also explains how ancient time is explained (Mesozoic era, Precambrian eon, Pleistocene epoch, cretaceous period etc….

For example, “Did you know that there were once rabbit-sized camels that scampered through the underbrush and giant dragonflies the size of hawks? Or that ground-dwelling sloths were so tall that they could nibble leaves in treetops?”

The book has a mixture of illustrations and colour photographs and has larger print that is easy to read and follow plus fun facts sprinkled throughout. I can see it being a big hit with kids and I found it extremely interesting.

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