The Proper Care and Feeding of a Marriage by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

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Stars: ****

This book was read for the Themed Reading Challenge (my theme is marriage.)

I must admit, I picked up this book because I thought I WOULDN’T like it. I don’t agree with some things Dr. Laura has said in her newspaper column and in general, Pagans don’t seem to like her very much. So I figured I would disagree with almost every piece of advice she would give. I readily admit I was WRONG. Although I still don’t agree with everything she says, Dr. Laura has some great advice when it comes to marriages.

Apparently this book is a follow-up to her book The Proper Care and Feeding of a Husband, which I have not read. However I can tell you from reading this one that it isn’t necessary to read the first one. They can be stand-alone books.

Dr. Laura gives lots of great advice. The best part is near the beginning when she asked a few important questions of both males and females. The questions are:
· What do you, as a man/woman, most admire about women/men in general?
· What do you least admire about women/men in general?
· What do you most fear in a relationship with a woman/man?
· What is the single, most important expectations you have in a wife/husband?
· What is the most important thing you think modern women/men don’t get about being a woman/man?

Reading the answers of the opposite gender was really an eye opener. I wish I convince my husband to read the women’s answers! This is a book for a wife OR husband to read unlike most marriage books.

Throughout the whole book, Dr. Laura gives examples from her call in shows.

Although she has some great advice, Dr. Laura has some very conservative views. She is against abortion, homosexuality, feminism and Paganism amongst other things. If you either agree with her or can ignore this and any comments in the book about it (in this case a whole chapter in regards to anti-feminism) than I recommend the book to you. Otherwise I would skip this book.
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