The Curious Child by Donni Floyd

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Stars: ***1/2
Illustrated by Grethel Peralta

I received this book for review from the author. I’m also adding it to my Here Be Dragons Challenge.

The purpose of this story is to teach school-aged children that not only is it okay to ask questions, but that you can never ask too many questions, even if they are hard to answer. The story is cute and I look forward to reading it to my daughter when she’s a little older.

The illustrations are delightful but they are in black and white. I much prefer colour illustrations. The author is working on her second book entitled “ A Daydreamer’s Story” which I would be interested in reading.

Author Bio: Donyell “Donni” Floyd boasts an exceptional background in both parenting and the entertainment industry. As a model for Clairol and Essence, a member of Mercury Records signed girl group “Female” and founder/designer of Girl626 Denim, Ms. Floyd has explored and enjoyed success throughout the entertainment industry. Donni and her husband>Venus Brown have four beautiful and talented children: Donovan, Akai, Issac and Lola. Donni is also the founder and director of Just Cause for Humanity, a community service organization and blog that promotes and encourages the practice of philanthropy for everyone. Just Cause for Humanity can be visited online at The Curious child was inspired by one of her sleepless nights with one of her children.

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