Toilet Tales by Andrea Wayne von Königslöw

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Celebration Edition Over 20 Years in Print
Stars: *****

I received this book for review from Annick Press.

I’ve read a LOT of potty books lately as I’m trying to train my 2 year old but this one is different (in a good way.) Instead of showing how a child goes potty, it shows what would happen if different animals tried to use the toilet. For example, an elephant would crush it to pieces, a lion would think it was it’s throne and a seal would slip right off the seat.

This new edition has new illustrations and a few new creatures added. The back says: “Guaranteed to bring on giggles, Toilet Tales is the perfect companion for both the toilet-ready toddler and kids who have passed this stage.” I have to agree with that. Kids in the (anal stage ??) would love this book since they are so focused on toilet habits. My daughter loves it.
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