Julia’s Mending by Kathy Lynn Emerson

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Stars: ***1/2

This book was read for the Casual Reading Challenge and the Back to History Challenge.

This story takes place in 1887. Julia, who used to live in a city apartment with her grandmother and had her dressed made by private dressmakers and servants to make her food is sent to live with her country cousins on a farm. She hates everything about the farm and her cousins and is so wrapped up in her misery that when she breaks her leg, she feels totally trapped. There is nothing to do except get to know her cousins better. Maybe they aren’t as bad as she thought.

This story was pretty good. I enjoyed reading about life in 1887 and the story has a great moral. However I did find it a little slow at times. It could have been a little better but overall it was still pretty good. I think it’s a good introduction to country life in the 1880’s.

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