Death in Kingsport by Curtis Parkinson

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Stars: ****

I received this book to review from Tundra Books.

Summary: When 14 year old Neil’s uncle Chester dies, Neil is lonely. At his uncle’s cremation, he hears thumping in the coffin just as it’s put into the flames. Could Uncle Chester be alive? So Neil starts an investigation. A disembodied voice in an old stable tells him that Chester’s passing is not the only mysterious death in town, Neil along with his friend Graham work to get to the bottom of what’s happening.

First of all this is a Canadian book which is nice for a change. It was cool to read about cities in my province and country and sports teams from here too. It was also refreshing to read a young adult murder mystery. Most of the children’s fiction I’ve seen is about teen life, love, family and pets. It was a good chance of pace.

I loved the storyline and in the last half of the book I couldn’t’t put it down because I wanted to know what really happened. The only thing is the truth is revealed in chapter 18 and I think it would have been better to find out in bits and pieces as the main characters found out.

It’s historical fiction in that it happens after the Great Depression but the plot wasn’t specifically about that time period. The story could have been written anytime with a few simple changes. I don’t like historical fiction usually because they put in too many history facts which bore me. This was a good way for me to read about a few history pointers without getting bored.
I really enjoyed the book and would read more by the author.

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