The Pigman’s Legacy by Paul Zindel

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Stars: ****1/2

I read this for the 2nds Challenge and Fall Into Reading 2007.

I read the original book, The Pigman in grade school. I liked the story but hated having to write essays about it. I hate studying books. So when contemplating reads for the 2nds challenge, I remembered that I had always wanted to read the other books about The Pigman, (there is also The Pigman and Me which I intend to read.)

I’m glad I decided to read this one. The Pigman’s Legacy is even BETTER than The Pigman. I was almost in tears at the end. I love the writing style which switches with each chapter between the two main Characters John and Lorraine. It’s also written like the two of them are typing on a computer and telling their story. It’s cool to have little side comments that seem more about their lives instead of the story. This writing style is one thing I liked about The Pigman.

The Pigman is a banned book and this one isn’t (at least not yet) but I can see some people having a problem with it. Not because of the “swearing” (which is written like this: @#$%) but because there is talk of sex. None of the characters have sex but it is talked about. I don’t have a problem with that personally as teens usually know more about sex than we give them credit for and at least it talks about healthy and safe sex.

I recommend this book to all teens, it has a great lesson that you don’t need to dissect the book to understand. I look forward to reading The Pigman and Me and also Paul Zindel’s other books.

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