Some ‘Dog’ Children’s Books

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A Cat and a Dog by Claire Masurel and Bob Kolar
Stars: ****
This is a cute story about a cat and dog that live together and don’t get a long at first. It’s the story of how they learn to get a long. Adorable and simple illustrations, it could be a starter book for talking about getting along with siblings.

Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd

Stars: ***
The nameless dog goes for a walk around the neighbourhood and gets additions to his one (natural) black spot on his ear. Pink ice cream falls on him and he has a pink dot. He rubs on the green grass and gets a green spot, etc…. At the end of the book he gets a bath and once again he has one black spot. It’s a cute colour book with a brief number part when the spots are counted (10 in all.)

The Dog: From Arf to Zzzz by The Dog Artist Collection
Stars: ****
This is on of the books based on those cute dog toys/knick knacks whose heads are so much larger than their bodies. The book goes through the alphabet showing a dog on each page. They are very cute and my daughter loved looking at them. The end of the book tells you the breeds of each dog featured.

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