Chasing the Dead by Joe Schreiber

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Stars: *****

This book was read for the R.I.P. II challenge.

I don’t normally read horror novels, in fact I think this is the second one ever. However when looking for books for this challenge, the synopsis of this book caught my eye. I am glad I gave it a chance, it is now a top 10 book of this year I’m sure!

Unlike most novels, the entire story happens in one night, December 21st to be exact.
“Sue Young, a 34-year-old single mom living in Boston, gets a phone call from a man who informs her he’s kidnapped her infant daughter, Veda, and chastises her for an ancient crime she committed with her childhood friend and mysteriously missing ex-husband, Philip Chamberlain. The creepy, psycho kidnapper soon subjects Sue to an agenda that includes grave robbing, child killing, shotgun murders, zombies and various other assorted undead. Sue, an ex-ambulance driver, is tough, smart and determined to rescue her daughter.”

I was scared reading this. I got really into it and felt as if I was there. Even though the book contains zombies, it almost felt like it were possible for the dead to come back to life. We’re not talking zombies with their arms out, heads cocked to the side walking slowly in a large group (like on TV,) these zombies seem real! What really bothered me was that the child that is kidnapped is 18 months old. Schreiber does such a good job of showing the mother’s feelings about her child being kidnapped that I started thinking how I would feel if my 20 month old was kidnapped. Although this disturbed me a bit, this just shows how good the novel is.

This book was great! I look forward to his new novel out this month!

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